Mar 27, 2009

I read with every broken heart,
we should become more adventurous.this was such a wonderful day, the most wonderful
one i've had in a while.woke up at eight thirty a.m.
and went on a long bike ride with my sister caddie.
i took photographs throughout the day
just to remember how great it was.
first stop was once we arrived at the beach..
got all set up and we were off. this is right before we hit the next town, newport beach.
i'm not sure why i look sad, i wasn't.

newport peir is pretty lovely in the morning...happy to be there.

on the road to balboa we stopped once more to take a look at the day.
once we got to balboa we looked for somewhere to eat..
maybe a good cafe or somthing..
we didn't end up finding one there...we then took the ferry over to balboa was perfect !
after we got to balboa island we walked
around we both really wanted food at wahoo's
and i knew that there was one at fashion island
...which isn't an island just a shopping center for rich
desperate house wives and there children.
fifteen miles later and food in our stomachs..
only time i went to the restroom all bladder is incredible.
that real neat thing called the wind
decided it wanted to pick up... well too bad it wasn't
a tail wind and was head wind made it ten times
harder getting home. caddie was such a trooper...
it was only her second ride and she did great.
this is right before we started truckin' home !

stopped underneath some freeway overpass,
needed a break from all the wind.
after this we went straight on home
without stops,took the beach path all the way.

we road thirty miles that day and twas' pure bliss.

well that was a bit of a day in photographs!

hope everyone is happy n' healthy.





  1. Looks like you really had an amazing day!:)

    love your outfit too!

  2. i love bike riding (: looks like you had fun (: your pictures are all beautiful and the scenery and beach looks amazing!

  3. Love the photos, you both look so lovely! And you have such a pretty bike. xx

  4. wow thats so awesome i want to do that so bad!
    how much was your bike? it's amazing, i amlookin into buying one myself(:

  5. great pics .. especially the black and white ones

  6. AHha I love that first picture. Looks like a very fun day.
    I haven't been on a bike in ages.

  7. Looks like such a fun day! Lovely blog! I love you header.

    -Fashion on Edge

  8. great photos! looks like fun!

  9. Yey! I love your photos! And bikeing too! It looks like you've had fun:)


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