Mar 20, 2009

Everything that is or was started with a dream.
You know when you wake up and you know you have had a weird dream,
But all your left with are the odd feelings from it?
That's how I felt this morning.

I was happy my best friend Lindsay
called first thing to ask if I wanted to hang out,
I felt like I hadn't hung out with her in forever.
We went and ate at in n' out today and just got to talk.
It was a really nice day today.

I just wish everything was the same as when I was 9.
When me and ferdie would watch the a-team.
I remember feeling weird for having a crush on Murdock.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend.



  1. This weekend i dreamed that my ex bestfriend was like she was before, that she was speaking to me again, and i felt so happy but, it was just a dream and now she is diferent than the person who i loved like my soul fiend.Dream is so odd.

    I wrote about it in my blog but it is in spanish :S..

    I love your blog =)

    xxx elia

  2. i tend to feel that way often... i hate forgetting my dreams, haha. and i loveee your peace ring (from the second picture.) its sooo awesomee!

    btw, i've tagged you in something (:

  3. you take FABULOUS photos. seriously.

  4. love the photos, they're beautiful.

    and yes, I know exactly what you mean, weird dream feelings are strangely disconcerting. hate it when you can't remember!

  5. loooooove your blog :)
    It kills me when I don't remember my dreams, so I write them down.

  6. your photos are amazing.
    and i absolutely love your peace sign ring, i've been looking for a nice one for ages!

    your blog is super duper.

  7. haha i TOTALLYYY know that feeling about a dream! ...very well put on your part.
    waking up after a perfect dream that turns out to only be a dream is such a bittersweet way to wake up...

  8. just gave your blog an award! check itt!

    and thank you for the kind words, you're fab :-)

  9. Awww, I want to be 9 again too - no exams or real work, just sweets and tv. I hate only half remembering dreams, I find it so frustrating. I'm glad you had a nice day, lovely photos :) x

  10. Your blog is so lovely :)

    I get those dreams. I wake up feeling really happy, or really wistful, or something indescribable. I try with all my might to remember what made me feel that way, but I always fail...

    I love your peace sign ring in the second picture by the way!

  11. Can I borrow that old school looking vintage Paris photograph and use it in a post and give you credit, dude?


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