Mar 17, 2013

Love Cycles Show

Last Friday me & my pops decided that we were gonna 
ride out to the Love Cycles show in Phoenix Arizona. 
I jumped on the back of the motorcycle Saturday at 6am 
and we started are ride out to Bartlett lake. 

 Wishin' I had a full face helmet on.

Mr. Jeremiah took this of Chase, Turk, me, & my dad! 

My dad borrowed this newer Harley from his buddy...
We needed to ride somethin' that wouldn't break down
since we were riding alone....Most comfortable bike ever!

 Ridin' back....

 Ended the trip with the Ortega....
All of these photo's were taken using my iphone...More to come from my other camera.

After a 1,000 miles of riding I've got to say I've got the best dad in the world. 
Thanks for showing me the time of my life. 

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