Nov 15, 2009

La La La Lola

So yes it's been quiet a long while since I've posted anything.
The most horrible thing has happend though, my computer
has crashed and I feel just like a child that observed
there pet cat get run over by there grandmother's car.
All my photo's, All my photo's, All my photo's, are gone.
why did I trust the disgusting thing.
Well on my other hand I have been doing
many other things to get that off my mind.
I got a new job at a little kitchy thrift shop called
I've been working hard for about a month
and a half. I'm really diggin' it compared to
my last job as a salon receptionist.
All the girls I work with are rad and
I'm so blessed that I got the job!
So my hair has been growing like crazy
and I just cannot get myself to do my
hair all nifty and what not in the morning.
So what did I decide to do ?
I chopped it all of again, It's so liberating!
I new the minute I started hiding under
my hair it was time to say so long.

I feel all brand new now, My mom hollered "jessie's back!"

when she saw my new do .

I guess I'm just a short hair kinda gal !

Well I'm going to do a bit of a bible study this morning.

I hope you all have a lovely Sunday dolls.

love love love



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